Sunday, July 28, 2013

‘Tring- Tring, the phone rang…!’

‘Tring- Tring, the phone rang…!’
She was scared to pick up the phone, 17 years ago on a day like this the phone rang to give her the news of captain ranjeet's death.
They had known each other since the first day of college, and fell in love almost instantaneously.
Adi, their son was 5 years old when the news came.
She didn't know what should she explain to adi.
But somehow adi understood, she cried the whole night holding him and he quietly hugged her.
At 21 adi Said - ma I want to join the army..she was shocked.
She fell silent for few mins, not knowing what to say.
Finally she uttered - ok beta, may lord Shiva always be by your side.
It has been over 15 days there has been no news from him. Last words she heard from him were - ma I miss the methi parathas, will come soon to savour them love you.
26th July 1982, was when Adi's dad died in a MIG plane crash, and today 26th July 1999, again the phone rang.
She picked up the phone with shivering hands and the voice on the other side Said - " ma we won, make methi parathas, will come home tommorow".
She was speechless yet again, tears of joy flowing through.
But suddenly, the tears of joy turned into tears of agony, knowing hundreds of mothers, haven't been,as lucky as her.
Silently she prayed for all the brave sons who sacrificed their lives in kargil.
She knew it won't be long enough when she will be dreading another phone call.
She wished that some day the phone rang and the voice on the other side Said -"the war is over , forever and ever"


  1. There should be no wars in this world. In a war nobody wins but there are only losers.Lovely post.

  2. A very true feeling in an army family! Too good!

  3. Thanks :) i am not from Army background, but have huge respect for not just the army men but for their families because it takes a lot of courage to send a member of your family to face the bullets.


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