Tuesday, March 11, 2014


You are caged,

In the facade that you created

With those plastic smiles, the vanity bags 
and the faces so diligently painted

In the frenzy to win the never ending rat races

The need to be validated, the need to be accepted

You smile when you want to laugh and you hide when you want to cry.

You talk things, things about politics, may be fashion or sports or whatever
But, never your heart, Never !

You wake up every morning to make a living but never to make a life.

You strive and strive harder by every passing day to create a life which is approved by them.

Yes Them, the neighbours, the aunts, the boss, the friend, that cousin...you don't know them.

You log in and logout just to be present, 

and not to really "connect"

You marry, you bear kids, earn money and thats all you do, 
because they say that's all you are supposed to.

You pray but you don't believe.

You point those fingers at the demons outside,but don't ever dare to look inside.

You put up a brave face, when you are actually scared.

You achieve glory at the pretense, of being radical.
While you don't look beyond what has been shown, 
you chicken out at the thought of doing beyond what has been done.

What if I tell you, there is no one looking, 

No one cares how you look, talk,what you do, don't do.
No one is looking, listening, judging
It doesn't matters really..

Will you still wear that plastic smile.
Carry on with relations u suffer, stick to that job you despise
Will you still hide when you want to cry.
Will you still put up that brave face when you are scared deep inside.
Will you restrain or jump and dance out of joy.

You know what? It doesn't matter really it doesn't.
You are just another minuscule particle 
of this vast very very vast universe.
No one cares 
And one day you will disappear 
just like smoke as if you were never there.

So breathe, at least breathe
Fill up you lungs with life.
It's not time yet.
You can't be dead...
not now..
You have to live once at least once before you are really dead.



  1. This is a great message, it really reminds us to live life to the fullest and enjoy its invigorating air.

    1. Thanks :) it's really inspires to keep writing my heart out

  2. Powerful piece, and very necessary. The more you are heard the more possible it will become to make a different prediction. To stay on our list at Poets United, please put a link to us here on your poem. This is a poem on a similar topic that I wrote for Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads: http://susanspoetry.blogspot.com/2014/03/literary-magazine.html

    1. Hey sussan, read ur poem...and it moved me...i did post.a link on poet united of this poem...

  3. This post has been selected for the Spicy Saturday Picks this week. Thank You for an amazing post! Cheers! Keep Blogging :)

    1. Thanks team blogadda yet again for choosing my post :)

  4. i love the poem...it's so true... all of us consciously or unconsciously do this...

  5. Hi Surabhi,

    My first visit to your blog.

    The very first post that appeared was this powerful poem that you have written.

    Best wishes - keep writing!



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