Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Earth 2.0

Christie was sitting alone in the lab thinking about how would she break the news to her friends.

After all, this experiment has been their life for all these years. How would they abandon it just like that!!
But she knew in her heart that it was absolutely necessary; there is nothing they can do about it now.
How she wished that they were a little more pragmatic.

Vishu dashed inside the lab agitated.

"Christie why should we abandon the experiment now?? We have worked all our lives on this experiment. How can you take this decision?? There has to be a way out, may be we can add something to the culture, to stop it from rotting." He could barely stop his tears from flowing.

"Sorry Vishu!! I know but there is nothing we can do now" Christie said, trying to console Vishu; but she couldn't speak anymore.

Suddenly Maddy entered the room excited and ecstatic with joy. "Friends!! I have a great news. We will not have to abandon the experiment anymore, I have figured out a way :D" 

"Really! Maddy but how ???" Christie and Vishu could not restrain their excitement and were jumping like kids.

Here is how ? Started Maddy in a professor like tone.

 " Do you remember when we were in the process of creating a stable colony how did we do it ??"
We created small-small colonies in the culture, saw how they worked and then kept changing the environment around the culture accordingly"  Answered maddy.
"Thrice we froze the cultures which did not work; and then implanted new specimens." Said Christie.

"YES! That is exactly what we will do this time also."Said Maddy.

But how?? This time the culture is pretty big, will that work?? Asked Christie sceptically.

Of course it will; said Maddy reassuringly.

Ok so let's start now; Vishu was jumping happily.

"So, here is the plan" Maddy started explaining.

 - We freeze this culture like last time; and start all over again with new variety of the same species.

- This time, we will make sure that we do not add anything that will destroy the culture.Even, the specimens we add would be refined. They will not add extra gasses in the environment and ruin it.

- They will be homogeneous specimens, so that the difference in their life forms do not destroy the stability of the experiment.

"But how will they multiply?" Asked Maddy.

- Simple; these specimens will be genetically engineered to have highly developed mental capabilities, so they will be able to choose their partners  on the basis of their compatibility with each other.

- This time we will also restrict their ability to reproduce more than once; so that the culture doesn't become overcrowded and the specimens don't suffocate in their own environment.

- This time we will not make separate colonies inside the culture; so that the specimens do not compete with each other for resources like Food and space. Since they will be a part of single colony; they will have to maintain the stability of the culture by helping each other grow.

- This culture will also be able to refine their mental abilities by constantly interacting and sharing their growth patterns with each other.

Wao!! Maddy this is pretty cool!

So this time we have a  homogenous, cooperative, intelligent and a much stable culture right??? said Christie.

But what do we name it ? Asked Maddy

This would be our new version of "Earth" called as "Earth 2.0"

and the specimens would be named "humans 2.0"

Wait a second; but aren't we going to tell them about us? Asked Vishu.

Both Christie and Maddy responded almost simultaneously

" No!! we will not make the same mistake we made last time"

They will never know of us as a separate entity,

As they grow they will discover ways supported  by their logic and knowledge; to connect with us, and they will always believe is us as a single entity.

In any case we aren't different are we?? said Maddy and they all hugged and laughed merrily.

This is how "Earth 2.0" was created by Mohammed (aka Maddy); Jesus Christ (aka Christie) and Visnu Shrinivasan (aka Vishu)

P:S This piece of fiction was created with the thought that what if we are actually a part of some experiment that has gone wrong?

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  1. A very different take :) very well written; enjoyed it through out.


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