Thursday, November 15, 2012

That Thing called Love !

As a  teenager  I always wondered how is it to Fall in love with some one insanely. I actually visualised myself singing those around the tree songs and playing with curtain in moonlit terrace songs :).I actually imitated some :P.

its been almost a year since i got married and some how all that dreamy fairy tale world has vanished only to emerge as a more beautiful one .

with you i realised love is not aboult saying it aloud its about those subtle things you do for me .
i know its love when you hold my hand when we cross roads even when there is no traffic.
love is when you wake up in middle of the night and stroke my hairs , i know you do that even if i pretend i am asleep.
love is when you scold me to eat more.
love is when i am worried and you just look at me and i know it will be fine.
love is when i dont remember your bday and you still kiss my forehead telling me i am the best thing that could have happened to you.
love is when you came that night after a booz party with friends half drowsy and you told me all you could think about was me.
love is when you want my dreams to come true more than i want.when you motivate me to keep trying.
love is when you scold me for not picking up your call for too long coz you got worried.
love is when you looked back at the air port knowing that i am sad and you couldnt help it.
love is when i cuddle up with you while asleep after a fight and you hold me tight.
love is when you wanted to do the dishes with me.
love is when you play my favorite radio channel in the car instead of yours.
love is when you watch a hindi movie with me even when you wanted to watch a hollywood action movie.
love is when you are damn tired and you still drove double the distance because i wanted to go to Mc D.
Love is just being with you and knowing that nothing else means to you as much as i do.

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