Monday, July 22, 2013

...and I blushed..<3

It was raining that evening we met for the first time..
U looked into my eyes
and I blushed
you too were a little shy...
One day u gently took my hand, asked me to be forever yours..
And I blushed..
We knew our lives r taking another course
Standing near the pyre of fire we were taking vows..
And I blushed
I looked at u and I knew I couldn't have been loved any more
A part of you was breathing inside me, you kissed my forehead..
And I blushed. .
You had tears in your eyes,
you will always  be by my side, that day u had said.
Years went by, ur hands were frail..
But u still held my hand tight
You hugged me and Said how beautiful I looked that night
I saw u smiling, but your smile was getting blurred
And I blushed
With my last breath, that moment for the last time..

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