Wednesday, April 9, 2014

To vote or not to vote

'Vote for change', ' vote responsibly' , ' every vote counts' are some slogans which you are bombarded with recently. Everything is about elections, which is fine and that is how it should be. After all we are a democratic country. We should exercise our 'right to vote'.

Given all the hullabaloo that's happening and all the information overdose we get now a days ( manipulated and true) I the 'voter' feels like a superhero. (I supposedly have the power to change the country after all). Nevertheless a confused 'super hero' 

So, here I am doing the best I can to make most of the power I will get on 17th April. Reading, listening  discussing (read fighting) on social forums....again reading, listening and  discussing (fighting even more vehemently) on social forums, but I am still confused !

The Big question I have in my mind right now is what am I voting for? A renaissance really! I know thats too much to ask for. On evaluating the options I have I am even more confused and scared. Scared, if we get into a deeper shit than what we are right now.

Here are the so called options we have

Really!! ( lets not waste our time, we already wasted 10 years)

aka modi sarkar, so some major questions
- am I voting for narcissism or development, are we so desperate that we will choose someone supposedly responsible for a mass massacre. (I don't know if he was or not it is another story and every evidence out there against or in support of modi seems to be equally convincing)

- am I voting for the blood sucking corporates eventually.

- should I over look the development he has done in Gujarat and yes it just doesn't come from media it comes from people who live in Gujarat.

- even if for a second i keep all the negative things about modi aside, what about BJP as a whole? Who are the other people who will finally make a party, modi cant make a party on his own. 
These are the same politicians, while the party changes traits of politicians do not.

AAP : 
Yes he looks like an " aam aadmi" but is he really one?
 Leave aside the perks he happily accepted when he claims to be an aam admi, thats not even a issue everybody wants some ROI out of their jobs. I do, so does kejriwal but there are bigger issues that bother me

Why is he only against BJP ( read modi) and speaks up against congress only when probed, is he a congress agent, a US agent or I don't know what as per the theories floating around.

Most importantly WHY did he quit????? Was his 49 days stunt all manipulated? WHY didn't he change one single thing in Delhi when he had the opportunity. I know change needs time would not have happened in 49 days. But why didn't he stay we all believed him and if he was really up to a change we would have been patient enough to see the change. But he simply quit, he didn't fight.

Did he quit because he was against the system? But shouldn't you be in the system to fight the system. Or did he simply get greedy. CM wasn't good enough?

Or is he misrepresented by media, is he falling prey to the political mafia, is he really up for change?

Ok even if he is, but is he competitive enough not in terms of scale, but in terms of his vision for the country. Right now all that comes out is a lovely rosy ideal and easy to say commitment. Corruption free country.. But how? What's the action plan? I don't need proofs but i need to hear a plan.

I would have appreciated if instead of whining about the existing system, he would have at least come with solutions.
Do we want a leader who cashes on the weakness of others, or someone who has a vision.

9 days to go and i am confused and scared, i feel like its an exam I am not prepared for. I understand the power of each vote and so I am scared. What if my vote contributes towards a wrong government? What if we land into the same situation. What if it gets worse?

I am a superhero with the power of vote, and it certainly counts so I will try and find out answers to all these questions to the best i can.

Or else it will be " none of the above" re-election is definitely better than suffering a bad government for next 5 years. 

Whatever it might be I will vote and I will 'vote responsibly' and hope all the superheroes will.


  1. After a long time, I have finally got my voter ID card. So, this time I will vote. I want to vote for 'anti-corruption', but I think they are trying too many things, too soon. They first need to prove themselves in a smaller state (like Delhi) before aspiring to change the nation. So, this time I may not vote for them. That leaves me with only one other option. Let's give them five years and see what 'development' they are able to bring about. Whoever rules, stability is important.

    Destination Infinity

  2. Thanks team blogadda for choosing my post :)

  3. Destination infinity who ever you choose please think over it and do is our right and our responsibility too


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