Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Yakub Memon hanged but is justice really served?

It has been quite some time that Yakub Memon is hanged. Now we have other things to rant about on the social media platform like Porn Ban, "Radhe Ma or  recently anounced Indian CEO of Google Sunder Pichai.

I know as a nation we have moved over Yakub Memon and it might be a bit late to talk about it.

But the entire episode of Yakub Memon has opened up some critical questions in front of us.

I am not debating whether the capital punishment given to Memon was right or wrong. I trust, that the judiciary of this country has made the right decision towards imparting justice.

But, over the days because of the social media we have seen what the majority of the society thinks about the issue, 
and it's rather DISTURBING !

Whether hanging of memon was right or not. 

Celebrating the death of a living being was definitely not ! 

For a country which boasts of it's belief in nonviolence and is proud of being a land of Buddha and Gandhi, the hypocrisy was quite evident when there were fireworks and shameless celebrations on the streets.

The same kind hearted citizens of India did feel pity over the killing of Dogs in china (Yes it is very wrong !) and were lauding the Beef ban because how barbaric and cruel it is to kill another living being.

The judiciary might have been right in hanging him,

but we could have gracefully accepted the judgement without the drama created on social media, the press and news channels. 

Without being exposed to the minute by minute information on how he is going to be hanged starting from the breakfast he ate to the phone call he made. 

The news channels work for TRP's by sensitizing and creating drama over each and every issue.

But they serve us WHAT WE CONSUME ! 

It seemed like the entire nation is enjoying the show! 

Not sure how we are any different from the talibanis or the ISIS who are proud of killings they do and show it off, from their perspective they are doing the right thing.


I am not against capital punishment and seriously I wasn't sad when Dhananjay Chatterjee was given one and would want the Nirbhaya case culprits to be given the same. But I am against the dramatization and celebration over killing of any living being.

It only shows that we are just becoming a society devoid of any soul.

It also raised questions about the pace in which justice is served in this country. 

It took over 2 DECADES to bring a captured terrorist to justice?? 

So, in this country you can do what ever crime you want to and can be rest assured that for at least next 20 years your life is guaranteed.

Has this judgement really sent any "MESSAGE" to any one!

So, our forces was some how able to capture this guy, who also became the state witness. It took us 23 years to give any judgement and after 23 years not even single other convict in the case was caught, the masterminds of the case are still scouting free and if the reports are to be believed plotting for a "revenge"

So, I am not sure have they really got the "message" we think they have got and going all gaga over it and celebrating it.

The only message they have got is that we will always be only strong enough to capture the kinds of "Memon" and can never even lay a finger on the real masterminds.

I am not sure what kind of a message we as society we are giving to a world and even our own coming generations that we are a society full of hypocrisy, there is a huge gap between what we say and what we actually do.

Yes, Yakub memon has been hanged, but I am not sure if justice has been served!!


  1. Very few people actually understand what's humanity. You are one of them.

    1. Thanks Ahmad saiz, I am not commenting on the judgement but definitely on society's reaction to it. It's sad :(


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