Tuesday, November 24, 2015

You are your own CEO

How often have you thought that it would have been a great Idea to leave your job and try out entrepreneurship? Quite often I guess. Sounds like an exciting Idea. Now Imagine getting to be a CEO every single day.  Often we forget that we are responsible for creating the brand that is us. Every single day we have to manage the business that is "us" just like any entrepreneur would do. 
So how do we do that?
1) Create Brand "you"
Every individual is unique, so are you. There must be one quality / skill of yours which you use and count on more than any other. You might be creative or analytical or might have excellent negotiation skills. Find that USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of yours and work on that.
2) Have a long term vision for the brand "you"
What do you want to achieve in the larger scheme of life. Do you want to be an entrepreneur, social worker, a successful marketing person, an author, teacher etc. it might be anything but you need to understand yourself and have a long term vision for yourself. Basis your vision you have to inculcate the right skills, meet the right people, learn more and work towards the vision.
3) Invest right
Basis your long term vision you have to map the ROI of your investments; not just monetary it can be in terms of
  • Time (it's the most important investment)
Make sure you invest your time well and on things which helps in creating 'brand you" enriches you.

What is the ROI of the time you are spending on any activity?
The course you took - Is it helping you to grow professionally, the book you read - is it an enriching experience, the hobby you are pursuing - is it helping you to refresh, have a balanced life. You have to invest your time very smartly and productively.
  • Emotional well being -
Make sure you invest in the right people (friends, family, colleagues etc) people who do not drain away your positive look out and energy unnecessarily. Even if you have to deal with such people, you have to know how do you  not let them effect your mental well being. Do activities which helps you to have a positive look out towards life and your self.
3) Diversify and be up to date 
Knowing what is happening around the world and even more so in your area of interest - professional and personal is always important. It not only enables you to achieve more and makes you more confident but also establishes you as a thought leader.
Whether you run a business or not you can always become a CEO. SO, be your own CEO.

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