Friday, February 25, 2011

The language of silence !!!

It was a just another evening for me . I was on my way back home as usual cribbing about how bad the day at office was and all the things that have gone wrong in life.Feeling unhappy about the fact that every one around me is so happy and complaining that why only i have to deserve all the wrong things in life.

I was just loitering around observing all the happy faces and feeling even more miserable. Suddenly i saw a young boy and a girl completely unaware and indifferent to the outside world.Happy and smiling and completely immersed in each other.In the first look i presumed they are just another stereotypical "madly in love " kind of a couple. But , on a closer look i realised that they were not silent, they were talking to each other in sign language.i realised that they could neither speak nor hear each other.

They were "special" . NO! not special according to the modest lingo of the so called normal people like me , They were really special .Because they were the most content most happy faces amongst that crowd. As if they have everything in life.

It came to me as a tight slap on my face.Because few days back i wanted to help those "special" people. But today at that moment i was face to face with the reality which all of us ignore. I have ignored always.

These are not the people who need help. We are the ones who need serious help, we are the ones who need to learn from them. Today i realised that all of us so called normal people are weak, so weak that we dont even have the courage to acknowledge that.

Life is beautiful depends on how we look at it.I see people falling in love ,I see kids smiling ,group of friends just sitting and chit chatting, mother pampering kid , husband romancing his wife , an old couple enjoying each other as if they are on their first date :)
But i just "see" these moments, i dont observe i dont let these beautiful moments sink in .

With all our eccentricities we just miss observing all these wonderful moments...we just fail to appreciate what we have.
lets just open our arms and embrace life. live life in each moment :)it's actually beautiful.

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  1. how beautifully you observed each moment, understud each feeling... and gave us a reason to smile by imagining those moments


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