Wednesday, February 23, 2011

lets be stupid :) :)

Sometimes it’s just fine to concentrate on the” stupid things” in life .... they might be the weirdest , craziest, most bizarre things. 
Sometimes let's just do things not approved or understood by others, because in those moments you will live life to the fullest without any inhibitions, expectations and fear of losing .
Amongst all those important things we think about, career, money, relations lets just take out time to concentrate and think about the stupid things of life.
Ever thought why you don’t ever forget or regret the first time you bunked the school, the first time you kissed in the middle of the road, the first time you fell in love, you got drunk, winked at the girl next door (and may be got slapped too :P), punched the big fat guy, played with an unknown kid on street, just spoke to that charming guy u daily stare at in the bus .because in those moments you have just lived life :)

There will be always that one thing in your life which is not fine, there will be always one minute in the day that will make you frown, there will always be dat one person in your life who will break your heart. There will always be one dream that will not come true…

 Amongst all these unending disappointments let's just create space for stupidity….lets not be matured lets just enjoy life .. lets be stupid

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  1. my talented gal can write anything,anywhere and at any tym...
    I really lyk her skills....


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