Monday, March 14, 2011

Love her... pamper her..and thn bade her a gudbye...forever !

Have u ever wondered y sum ppl,sum memories just dnt go out of ur tgts...making u feel uncomfortable and sad @ times...

Wht do we do when smthngs just dnt get out of our mind...we fight within ourselves,ignore,get busy... But does dat realy help? For me it doesnt...and me being into the category of normal humans i asume it is just the case wth most of us...

I get into such troubles quite often...i guess dats coz my EQ (emotional quetiont)
is kind of higher than i fall into ths trap of not been able to forget thngs..quite often..

I have tried and tested al the formulae of moving on..and discovred dat none works...i kept busy ,ate chocolates (trust me dsnt work) 24x7 workd hard on fb and eventualy changd my lingo wth etc..
After al these efforts just figurd out one thng...nothng works !

Sadness is like a cute little puppy...the more u run away 4m it the more it wil chase u...the only way 2 deal wth it is..let it stay..hold it, pamper it and once its satisfied it wil leave. :)

and ths formula is tried tested and succesful...just b sad wn u r sad..dnt b scard of the fact that ppl wil tag u as "agony aunt" ofcourse they wil...let agony romance wth u completly...once its done it wil leave...

So..chill and lets celebrate sadness :) let it b satisfied..once it is done bade her a gudbye forever...


  1. wow... truly, life is so small, why waste cribbing!! instead cherish every moment, past or present...

  2. Well perceived and said !!
    Its really the thing...that many of us don't understand, we can't run away from any thing..what ever comes in the way of life...Its just a test cricket..we are out here to play odds and evens until we get out !! :)


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