Thursday, March 10, 2011

"Its a journey...and not a destination"

Love is a journey and not a destination!! Some days ago this sentence didnt really made sense to me.For me love was always a feeling neither a journey nor a destination.

i meet so many people..evry1 has his own definition 4 love...and each of these definition is just perfect.
Rite nw to me "love being a journey and nt destination" seems perfect.. :)
its a journey wr u knw a person daily and eventualy the realisation comes...thr is alws smthng abt dat person dat u wnt 2 knw more...

you see a person in his worst and u still want to love him ...u see him in his best and u just know ...u want to be with him
but i wonder u really reach the person u want to take this journey with do u know if he is the one do you know if he is right.

and that is where the Magic happens. Magic where the most ordinary person becomes just so special , u just dont know y ....whn u stop at that person and u know nothing could have been better then this .

all of it sounds so whimsical but ask all those people who have been fortunate enough to have these feelings...... this is for real ...

Love happens ...the magic happens ....which leads us to that wonderful journey of life ..

:) :)

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