Thursday, March 10, 2011

The fairy tale life

Some one told me thrs a difference betwn wt u percieve about urself and what you actually are.

But dnt we all live in a virtual world or atleast wish to live in dat world. Aint we all trying to be what we wish to be rather than what we are, striving for a better life always . Dont we all wish for a perfect life which seems like a "fairy tale" .yes,by saying
"all" i m also including those "practical" people who just stay rooted to ground and do not shut their eyes to the brutal world.(most of us are like dat)
but in the process of being "real" dnt we just miss to see dat life is beautiful.

Isnt ths "fairy tale" perception of ours give us the strength of just moving on..belive in love..belive in trusting people u dnt knw...creating a perfect world for urself...

Each one of us come across nasty people..and gud people as well but y do we label the whole world as nasty...y do we stop appreciating love because one person broke ur heart...y do we presume thr is no truth left bcoz sum1 is untruthful...y do we create boundaries...y do we shut dat door wch takes us to the fairy tale world..

Y dnt we just apreciate life..we gt decieted so that we can value trust,our heart breaks so dat we can value love...

Its al abt hw u percieve ur life 2 b..that fairy tale life exists for real...u just have to come out of ur boundaries, inhibitions and embrace that life...

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