Friday, November 9, 2012

A picture is worth thousand words.True..yesterday while i was somberly surfing through the net suddenly stumbled upon this picture..a 96 years old (or shall i say young ) armenian lady with AK47 protecting her house.The very first emotion that ran across my mind was pity..but then a closer look gave goose bumps... seriously! Those eyes were not to be pitied but meant to be revered...the
Valor across that face..gave me chills across the spine..i dont know the conditions which put her into that situation,but i know the determination was something to be learnt from. We with all the luxuries are insecured ,scared all the time..we give up on everything easily.We crib about the system and struggle daily but we dont stand up to fight. We are scared of our country men, we submit to the situations but we dont change them.. We are insecured about almost everything and scared about everything jobs, relations , society etc etc.
we are struggling to save everything,secure everything.
at 96 years when people loose interest in life,this women is safeguarding her house like a tigress , she is not scared, she is determined.may be her hands are fragile,may be they cant even bear the weight of the gun she is holding.But the strength in her eyes is worth a salute.I hope we all had that courage , that strength to meet adversities

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