Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Some "English vinglish" lessons :)

After a long long time here comes a movie not just worth spending ur money but also spending some time thinking about it....,1 day past and I m still spell bound ...those subtle but very strong messages still echoing in my head :)

1) love what u do no matter what it is..without the slightest expectation of any kind of admiration ...put your heart into it .some day ur work (wtever it might be) will be an examples to others,like shashi's laddoos.

2) there is no age of learning and. Enjoying life...its one life live it ur ways.

3) spend time with urself ,retrospect,criticise,appreciate urself for who u r....

4) love ur family....they will never let u down...nor should u let them down ever.

5)no matter who understands you and who doesnot...its important to know ur self/ respect ur self...if u dnt then no one will

6) stay connected to your roots..always no matter what you become.

6) the best message "love ur self" and u will love everything about your life....


  1. i love this movie, nowadays its so hard to find such good movies and surely these lessons are to keep!!

    1. I know its one of those rare movies.... loved the movie :) and thanks a lot for reading


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