Monday, August 19, 2013

...and you are still there but..

At the stroke of midnight we met after what seemed like ages.
You caressed my cheeks Brushed away the stroke of hairs dancing on my face.
You wanted to look at my face without any distraction.

We laughed and talked for hours. You said I never looked as beautiful ever. You came near I could feel the warmth of your breath.
I closed my eyes.....

When I opened my were still there sleeping besides me.
Not even acknowledging my existence.....

The night was cold. The warmth of your touch was not there.
And I realised...It was just a dream.

A drop of tear trickled down from the corner of my eyes.
You are still there....sleeping or are you awake???

A question I ask every night to myself...surprised at the audacity of my dreams, which still make way.
may be even you want to I asleep or still awake. Do I still dream

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  1. Hi Surabhi, I am a recent reader of your blog. I really like the way you attempt to write your stories. Especially the way you suddenly pull out a twist from your bag and end your story with it. Keep up the good work.


  2. thanks ritesh....keep reading and encouraging...helps write better each time


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