Monday, August 5, 2013

Those were the best days of my life

It Was the first day my tiny feet ventured to a new world outside
my eyes met yours, and you smiled.
we shared our dolls, ran in the parks and after rains enjoyed that wet mud..
But soon we were apart, and knew the time wont return
Your memories were the only reason I could smile..
I looked back and said - Ah those were the best days of my life.

I was lonely, and thought no one understands, and I met you.
You offered a cup of tea and we talked.
We shared those crazy dreams, whispered those secret thoughts. 

Together we Laughed like insane
We cried for heart breaks and reasons simply lame.
And one day you left, you had bigger dreams to chase.

Time passed by but our crazy laughter still remains.
I pause and look back sometimes 

and say ah..those were the best days of my life.

One day you came searching for me.
I was busy running behind the lifeless luxuries, 

I thought I had no time to waste.
I couldn't see you the fog of ambitions Made my Vision dazed.

Today,the fog has cleared
And I find none near.
I pause, look back and wish time did not fly.
I often pass by those,moments and say.
Ah..those were the best days of my life


  1. So many of us have such a similar story of meeting out BFF. Me likes :)

    I was thinking we could all have a discussion on our posts in blogadda WOW forum, what say?


  2. hey richa. thanks :) ofcourse would love to have a conversation on blog adda, with all the like minded bloggers.

  3. so true...time passes by so quick...and we forget as well what is important and what will last...the relationships around us....if we make them important...too often we neglect and they pass by before ever really taking root...

    1. So true brian miller.... We ignore the permanent relations to earn temporary money and fame

  4. There is always so much nostalgia, looking back. I enjoyed this poem - the laughter especially reminded me of a best friend I had in high school - we laughed like lunatics up and down the streets of town.

    1. Ya sherry...this was written for my best frnd....thank god we r in touch now.....i remember we use to laugh for was so easy then....

  5. I love this poem! whether it is one friend met at different times of life or more than one, we don't realize its value until it's gone. I liked that those early friendships did not hold me back, but did they have to depart altogether? Maybe we should write or call or Face book? Or maybe say to ourselves it could never be the same and move on? I fear old age is not going to be the best days of our lives. Fine poem!

    1. True slowly we loose touch with all our frnds....but we should try and keep them....frnds can bring cheers no matter wt age we r in

  6. It is sad to look back at days and realize they were the best days of your life, but that you did not know they were at the time. So often, I think, we take for granted that what we have will continue; and then when it is over we look back with nostalgia. Indeed those good days pass all too fast, don't they? I enjoyed your poem.

    1. Tx mary....yes those days pass to soon....but i guess we should keep making good memories

  7. One time I witnessed the reuniting of two longtime friends. After three days of non-stop conversation between them I finally got a word in edgewise and commented that I thought given how long they had been apart they would have run out of things to talk about. Their response "Oh we'll never run out of things to talk about!"

    1. I so much can and my best friend call each other once in a while...but when we speak it seems like we were always a part of each others life.....we just talk for hours


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