Sunday, June 15, 2014

The day I lived her life!

Suddenly Ajit woke up and it was dark, really dark. He was floating in some kind of a liquid anchored to something.

"M I  dreaming?" he thought. But then he could hear voices faint voices then becoming loud, louder. It was his Mom shouting at his wife - Anita.

"She would have again done something, that bitch either she gets rid of that girl in her stomach or this time i will definitely divorce her. But, where M i why cant I move?"
 and then he saw his hands they were tiny really really tiny, half formed, he couldn't move. He felt so helpless.

And then he heard the sobs. It was Anita, he felt a hand caressing the wall he was attached to.
Anita was crying now crying loud and in between her sobs she was saying something

"Beti, I am sorry really sorry, I don't know if I will be able to save you.
I wish your dad understood. You are as much his part as mine. you are a bit of both of us.
How can I kill you. I have dreams so many dreams for you.I know you can make us proud as proud as a son would. But what can I do?"

And suddenly with a jerk ajit was upside down. he could hear loud - very loud voices.
This time it was his father, abusing Anita- 
"GET UP! and come with us to the hospital. Get rid of this Girl right now."
 She got up slowly very slowly.

Ajit was bleeding slowly it was painful very painful, slowly he was loosing consciousness.

And then he woke up, everything seemed fine, again he could hear voices it was the doctor he bribed to conduct the abortion for Anita.

"It can be dangerous for Anita, she can die if I try to do this now. I think we should wait till she recovers from this injury or it will be unnecessary legal trouble if she dies during the operation."

And then ajith realised, he has become his "unborn daughter" he is now inside Anita's womb.
His parents are trying to kill HIM !!

He tried to shout he couldn't. And then he again heard a voice, It was Anita.
"Don't worry beta God has saved you today from those demons, I will fight hard to save you don't worry I will take care of you. Ajit felt a sense of relief. He was praying in his heart, for anita to save his life some how."

and then he heard the melodious lullaby anita sang every night, which annoyed him so much otherwise. One day he even hit her badly because of that song.

But today it was soothing really soothing, slowly he slept off.

When he woke up it was bright he slowly opened his eyes and saw Anita sleeping besides him. he was back in his own body.
The line of tears were visible in the corners of Anita's eyes. May be she has been crying the entire night.

He saw her face closely after so many years, she looked sad, but she looked beautiful. He felt guilty. He stroked her hairs, tears flowing from his eyes. Anita woke up and saw Ajit in a shock, she couldn't understand what was happening.

Ajit hugged her tight and told her - " I m sorry, I will never let anything happen to you and OUR DAUGHTER ever."

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  1. That was a very touching post.....a very different take on the prompt! I liked it!

  2. It's been ages... I got an opportunity to read such a heart melting post... its is just amazing ...

  3. A story that touched the heart and only if we had some compassion in us as human beings. It made my eyes moist and carries an imp lesson: How would we feel if we were inflicted such pain.
    Sensitive and beautiful, Surabhi.

    A beautiful and heart warming to ur Dad who is an inspiration. Dads are always special. My Dad passed away on June 19, 2007 and ur poem brought me back to those times..I wasn't home and came back to see him one last time.

    1. thanks vishal :) i dont know how we loose a sense of love for someoone who is a part of us? How van some one disown their own children? yes dads are special our first loves and our heroes.

      i am sure where evr your dad is now, he knows you love him and he is definitely proud.

  4. That was emotional! U did a fab job there surabhi great!!

    Do sometimes drop by my place


your appreciations and feedback means a lot.... do let me know if you like it and even if you don't :)